Month: November 2013


Choosing your Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet, more than any other type of flower arrangement, is chock-full of lore and symbolism. The bouquet itself must be beautiful, to highlight the beauty of the bride, and meaningful, as it is such a special day. The flowers themselves are a symbol of fertility and femininity, fragile petals held together by a strong stem, blossoming and blooming, much like the blushing bride. It’s a good idea to understand a bit about flower meanings when you are choosing your bridal bouquet or any of your wedding flower arrangements.

While white is traditional, to carry only white flowers down the aisle foretells bad luck for the superstitious. White flowers are traditional for funeral arrangements, and so the bouquet must be mixed with another color.

Adding another color also pleases the eye aesthetically, as pure white flowers would blend in with the traditional wedding gown. Adding another color, for luck, also makes the flowers stand out in stark contrast to the gown, and highlights the beauty of the bride.

Traditionally, herbs or edible flowers are often placed within the bridal bouquet as well. Marigolds, an edible flower known to symbolize constancy and endurance are often included in a bridal bouquet as are roses because they symbolize eternal love.

Orchids and Calla Lilies are two other very popular choices for bridal bouquets, although not necessarily together. They are unique and add a personalized ÿtouch to the happy couple’s special day. Exotic flowers may be a bit tricky to keep fresh throughout the day, but they definitely make a statement.

After the ceremony, the bride will be throwing her toss bouquet to one of her bridesmaids or single friends. Legend has it that the woman who catches it will be the next to marry. The bride is symbolically tossing away her single-hood, and at the same time, bestowing good luck in love upon the recipient.

In recent years, brides have begun to have a second or ?toss? bouquet, which they throw to the lucky friend, thereby allowing the bride herself to keep the actual bouquet she carried in the wedding as an heirloom or souvenir. Sometimes the toss bouquet is made of silk flowers and, increasingly, brides are choosing silk wedding flowers since their appearance is so lifelike.

The bride’s bouquet, and the flowers carried by her attendants, set much of the tone for the wedding. The bridal flowers are a personal choice and a statement by the bride about the woman she is and the physical representation of all her wedding dreams come true.


image1Have you ever had the most beautiful wedding pictured in your mind? The venue is picturesque. The audience is oohing and awing over every little thing. Flowers are unique and vibrant. Everyone is smiling and waiting for that moment when the beautiful bride takes her long awaited stroll down that aisle. The moment has finally arrived. Nothing could go wrong. That is until you look down and notice that your aisle isn’t so glamorous. The aisle you see before you isn’t what you pictured growing up. It is plain. Boring. Lifeless. Dull. The best part of picturing your wedding and all the finite detail is that you now know what you are missing. Decorating an aisle to show yourself off to the many who made their way to see you can be exciting, easy, and cost effective. The most traditional way of going about this is throwing down some rose petals to blanket the aisle. Not only is this traditional, but it is very classy looking as well. However, putting rose petals down doesn’t have to be the end of the tradition. Add to it. Put them on the aisle as well as to the sides so that it widens the perception of the walkway. To really add some class, put a vase next to each row of seating with a floating candle to really enhance the image. If you can manage to gather roses from your own garden or from someone you know that would drastically cut down on wedding expenses. Be sure to clip them in the early morning, as they will provide you with the freshest blooms.

For the artistic bride, or bridesmaids, setting up poles along the aisle can give you the opportunity to hang paper lanterns for intimate lighting. This sounds pretty lame and a little cheap but it’s all about creativity. Find paper lanterns that match the wedding colors first of all. You definitely want to decorate your poles so that it flows with the theme: a wedding. By doing so, go into a fabric store and get a few rolls of silk ribbon. Wrap that along your poles along with clusters of fresh flowers. If you are having flowers on the floor, bring them up into the poles as well. It will provide a real warm and intimate feeling.

To really spruce up the aisle on a budget, go with luminaries. Basically a luminary is a paper bag with a candle inside it. This sounds tacky but it really does look nice, especially if you are on a tight budget. This will have a similar effect as the paper lanterns: warm and intimate feeling.

Aisle decorating is by far one of the quickest and easiest parts of a wedding to plan for. With a little bit of imagination you can create a very beautiful walkway. Now go back and visualize your perfect wedding. The venue. The audience. The flowers. And now, even the aisle.


Choosing the right wedding cake

1. Budget. Set a budget straight from the beginning and be open with your cake decorator. It will make the process much easier and smoother for both parties.
2. Theme of the cake. When meeting your cake decorator for the first time, bring as much information as possible; photos, your pinterest pins, themes for your wedding, color of your dress, bridesmaid dress and inspiration from the room and flowers. It will make the selection easier.
3. Selecting the Flavor of the cake.
It doesn’t have to be a traditional fruit or sponge cake. Be inspired; go for chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake and mix the layers. Make sure you taste them. Remeber it must taste as good as it looks.
4. Delivery and setting up of the wedding cake. Before confirming your order, find out who will deliver your cake on the day and more importantly who will set it up. Too many brides forget about this.
5. Serving your wedding cake as a dessert. Why not save money and let your guests enjoy your delicious cake by serving it as a dessert, instead of waiting till late in the evening when people are too busy partying. Your guests tart to leave so make sure your planner out the cake cutting in an appropriate place on the timeline most suitable for you and your guests. You want them to enjoy your cake not leave before it is served and cut. They will want to take pictures of the cake cutting ceremony.
6. Making your own wedding cake, this is not recommended unless it’s your profession. Good on you to try to make your own wedding cake but remember the magic word is time. It’s very consuming and even more stressful coming closer to your wedding date. In order to avoid any anxiety and disappointment you will not want to have anything such as this to be holding you back from just relaxing and enjoying your wedding day as it arrives.
8. Helping hand from family and friends. Before accepting an offer from a friend or family member to make your wedding cake, ask to see their work and taste the cakes. Be honest with them, without offending them, instead of feeling sorry on your big day. If for any reason they get sick or are unable to attend your weddings day, you will not want to rely on them for bringing your cake.
9. Displaying your wedding cake.
Too often forgotten, you must make sure you display and light your wedding cake where your guests can see it in its full glory. Select the right time for your cake to be dropped off so it doesn’t interfere with your cocktail hour and can be snuck into the reception area without you or your guests seeing it. You will want your cake on display prior to your grand entrance from ceremony to the reception room or area.
10. Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake. If you’re planning to keep your top tier of your wedding cake for a christening or anniversary, make sure it’s a fruit cake inside. The best way to keep it is to freeze it. Make sure to ask your bakery for a to go box for the top tier so after the wedding your planner can pack it up for you.