Choosing the right wedding cake

1. Budget. Set a budget straight from the beginning and be open with your cake decorator. It will make the process much easier and smoother for both parties.
2. Theme of the cake. When meeting your cake decorator for the first time, bring as much information as possible; photos, your pinterest pins, themes for your wedding, color of your dress, bridesmaid dress and inspiration from the room and flowers. It will make the selection easier.
3. Selecting the Flavor of the cake.
It doesn’t have to be a traditional fruit or sponge cake. Be inspired; go for chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake and mix the layers. Make sure you taste them. Remeber it must taste as good as it looks.
4. Delivery and setting up of the wedding cake. Before confirming your order, find out who will deliver your cake on the day and more importantly who will set it up. Too many brides forget about this.
5. Serving your wedding cake as a dessert. Why not save money and let your guests enjoy your delicious cake by serving it as a dessert, instead of waiting till late in the evening when people are too busy partying. Your guests tart to leave so make sure your planner out the cake cutting in an appropriate place on the timeline most suitable for you and your guests. You want them to enjoy your cake not leave before it is served and cut. They will want to take pictures of the cake cutting ceremony.
6. Making your own wedding cake, this is not recommended unless it’s your profession. Good on you to try to make your own wedding cake but remember the magic word is time. It’s very consuming and even more stressful coming closer to your wedding date. In order to avoid any anxiety and disappointment you will not want to have anything such as this to be holding you back from just relaxing and enjoying your wedding day as it arrives.
8. Helping hand from family and friends. Before accepting an offer from a friend or family member to make your wedding cake, ask to see their work and taste the cakes. Be honest with them, without offending them, instead of feeling sorry on your big day. If for any reason they get sick or are unable to attend your weddings day, you will not want to rely on them for bringing your cake.
9. Displaying your wedding cake.
Too often forgotten, you must make sure you display and light your wedding cake where your guests can see it in its full glory. Select the right time for your cake to be dropped off so it doesn’t interfere with your cocktail hour and can be snuck into the reception area without you or your guests seeing it. You will want your cake on display prior to your grand entrance from ceremony to the reception room or area.
10. Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake. If you’re planning to keep your top tier of your wedding cake for a christening or anniversary, make sure it’s a fruit cake inside. The best way to keep it is to freeze it. Make sure to ask your bakery for a to go box for the top tier so after the wedding your planner can pack it up for you.


The first 5 are guidelines I send to all my brides and grooms to help assist with writing them, the last 3 tips are to help when speaking to the audience.

When writing your vows make sure to be in the same page. If you do not to know each other’s vows make sure to agree on topics that both of you can write about. There can be a variety of memories you want to share or even inside jokes. It may also be stories you both can relate to and sharing special moments that have brought you to where you are today. Things like this that you both can touch base on or possibly your outlook on marriage. You may want it to be a collaboration of all of the above. Here are tips I offer:

1. To get inspired:
Start by reading traditional, by-the-book vows — from your own religion, if you practice a certain faith, but others, as well — to see what strikes a chord with you. You can incorporate these into the original words you write, or simply use them as a jumping-off point to base your personalized vows on. Remember you may rewrite them as much as you would like until you are comfortable and confident with the words you have chosen.

2. Set the tone:
Before putting pen to paper, decide what overall tone you want to achieve. Humorous but touching? Poetic and romantic? It’s your call — the most important thing is that your vows ring true and sound like they’re from your heart. One word of advice: While your vows can be lighthearted (or even hilarious), they should, in some way, acknowledge the seriousness of the commitment you’re about to make. One way to do that is to weave little jokes into traditional vows (for example: “I promise to love you, cherish you and always watch Monday Night Football with you”.)

3. Figure out the logistics:
Make sure you and your fiance are both on the same page. Are you each going to write your own vows, or will you write them together? If you’re writing them separately, will you want to run them by each other before the wedding? If you’re writing them together, will they be completely different for each of you, or will you recite some of the same words and make the same promises to each other, as you would with traditional vows? If you want them to be a surprise on your wedding day, make sure you both send a copy of what you’ve written to your officiant or to one friend or family member so they can check that your vows are about the same length and similar in tone.

4. Make sure to ask yourself:
What are you most looking forward to about married life? What make your relationship work? What hard times have you gone through together? What have you supported each other through? What challenges do you envision in your future? What do you want to accomplish together? What makes your relationship succeed? Answering these questions will help you make and keep your promises, and talking about your bond may expose your inner Wordsworth and help you come up with phrases and stories you can and want to incorporate into your vows. What did you think when you first saw them? When did you realize you were in love? What do you most respect about your partner? How has your life gotten better since meeting your mate? What about them inspires you? What do you miss most about them when you’re apart? What qualities do you most admire in each other? What do you have now that you didn’t have before you met? You may be surprised how these answers may lead you to the perfect words.

5. Look for inspiration:
Borrow freely from poetry, books or even from romantic movies that you two have watched together. You might find a word or phrase you would like to add into your vows. Jot down words that capture your feelings or intrigue you. What grabs your attention when you read these words? How does it make you feel, how do it relate to the two of you. How does it express your passion for one another.

Remember Your Audience:

Don’t make your vows so personal that they’re cryptic — or embarrassing! You’ve invited your family and friends to witness your vows in order to make your bond public, so be sure everyone feels included in the moment. That means putting a limit on inside jokes, deeply personal anecdotes and obscure nicknames or code words.

Time It Right:

Don’t make them too long — aim for about one minute or so (it’s longer than it sounds!). Your vows are the most important element of your ceremony, but that doesn’t mean they should go on for hours. Get at the heart of what marrying this person means to you with your vows; pick the most important points and make them well. Save some thoughts for the reception toasts — and for the wedding night.

Practice Out Loud (Seriously!):

These are words meant to be heard by a live audience, so check that they sound good when spoken. Read your vows out loud to make sure they flow easily. Watch out for tongue twisters and super-long sentences — you don’t want to get out of breath or stumble.



Star of The Hills ties the knot with Ciao Bella Weddings & Events this weekend.

This was an article written by Life & Style Magazine that features CiaoBellaLagunaBeach.

Jason Wahler has said “I do” to model girlfriend Ashley Slack!

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the pair tied the knot today, Oct. 12, in front of 180 guests at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Calif.

The former star of The Hills even shared his wedding vows exclusively with the mag:

“Dr. Seuss once said you know you’re in love when reality is better than your dreams. I always lived my life through my dreams until the day I met you. In your eyes I have found my home. In your soul I have found my mate. In your heart I have found my love. You make me laugh, you let me cry. I am yours and you are mine. You are my breath, my every heartbeat. Today I stand before you offering my love. I promise to love you today, tomorrow and always. I promise to nurture your dreams because through them your soul shines. I promise to be faithful, supportive and to always make our families’ love and happiness my priority. With you, I am whole. You are my best friend, my confidant, my love and today you become my wife.”

Ashley stunned in a customized Allure Bridals gown, while Jason looked dapper in a David August suit.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, Janice Dickinson, Andy Milonakis and Laguna Beach’s Cedric Channels were among the pair’s celebrity pals who attended the beautiful nuptials.

For their first dance as a married couple, Jason and Ashley held each other close as they swayed to David Gray’s “This Year’s Love” surrounded by gorgeous floral arrangements by Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist. Christina Lomonaco — with Ciao Bella Events Laguna Beach — was the mastermind coordinator behind the luxe affair.

Guests took turns taking advantage of the photo booth and cigar bar before noshing on yummy food, which included roasted chicken breast, seared Atlantic salmon and grilled polenta cakes with wild mushroom.
When it came time for dessert, Sweet and Saucy Shop created a 4-tier cake with chocolate, vanilla and red velvet flavors.

Before meeting Ashley, Jason suffered from substance abuse addiction. He’s now three years sober since completing VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew in 2010.

The 26-year-old reality star, who once dated Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, proposed to Ashley last November. He revealed the news on Instagram when he shared a picture of the blond beauty wearing a gorgeous diamond engagement ring in January.


I enjoyed reading this article and found it interesting.

Credits go to writer Jessica Ferri On 12-12-12 Thousands of Couples Will Head to the Altar

Is 12-12-12 a lucky wedding date?Forget once in a lifetime: this year, thousands of couples are tying the knot on 12-12-12, a once in a century wedding date.

According to a survey by David’s Bridal, approximately 7,500 brides will tie the knot onDecember 12, 2012. To put things in perspective, that’s a 1,446 percent increase from last year’s un-special 12-12-11.

What’s in a wedding date?

The date is popular across the globe. French news agency the Agence France Presse reports that in Hong Kong nearly four times as many couples will be married on 12-12-12, as compared to last year, and in Singapore, 540 couples will be married on 12-12-12, eight times as many from the previous year.

Marry Abroad UK, a planning website for weddings abroad, told Yahoo! Shine it has received a 15-percent increase in inquiries about that date, despite the fact that it falls outside the traditional May to September wedding season. “The lucky couples who have succeeded in booking 12-12-12 will be amongst a very select few in the world, with such a memorable wedding anniversary,” says Marry Abroad’s co-founder Steph Bishop.

12-12-12 follows the trend of sequential numbers for wedding dates, like 10-10-10, 11-11-11, and 10-11-12. Back in 2007, Las Vegas’s Clark County saw 4,333 marriage licenses issued around the date of7-7-07, a huge increase in daily requests, since the office would usually license only about 7,400 marriages per month.

Canadian couple Krisztina Sebesi and Rex Lu, who plan to get married on 12-12-12, have incorporated the date into other aspects of their wedding: thank you cards with palm trees with 12 coconuts, a buffet of 12 courses, and 12 starfish decorations on their wedding cake, they told The Windsor Star.

Though many assume that the symmetry of 12-12-12 will bring good luck, from a numerology standpoint, “each couple in considering when to get married, should choose the date based upon their own personal charts to be sure that the date gets the marriage off on the right foot,” numerologist Daniel R. Hardt, of the Life Path Numerology Center in Indianapolis told Yahoo! Shine. “12/12/12 is popular because it is easy to remember. That date reduces to an 11 number (12+12+2012) for the marriage, a high level of spiritual awareness. It also brings sensitivity and romance to the marriage, but there is a danger of one or both parties taking everything too personally.”

There is, however, a major drawback to the date—12/12/12 falls on a Wednesday, not a popular day for weddings. “If 12/12/12 was on a Friday or a weekend, that would be a different scenario altogether,” wedding expert David Tutera told Yahoo! Shine.

Despite the spiritual symmetry, real or imagined, for some couples a weekday wedding is just out of the question.


So you have just gotten engaged and now the big question still lingers… where do we want to tie the knot? It seems so simple of a question, but with so many different venues available, it can become an overwhelming process very quickly. We are here to try and calm your nerves by sharing our knowledge of Estate Weddings and why they are the venues we prefer and recommend to all newly engaged couples. It’s not just the dozens of estates to choose from that entices us, it’s the ability to choose an estate that fits your personality and what you want your wedding to look like. There are large mansions that boast extravagant columns, chandeliers, and fountains throughout the property and then there are romantic and intimate estates that welcome guests with ease and grace. Whether you are looking to wow your guests with acres of property or have an intimate setting for your closest friends and family, here are a few questions answered on what to expect from any estate wedding.
1. Is it cheaper than a traditional wedding venue?
Because most of the estates are designed and provided for private events, they usually do not come with anything included. This can cause an estate wedding to become expensive very quickly because you must bring in EVERYTHING. From tables, chairs, cutlery, and decorations, every detail must be reviewed and checked off to be sure nothing is left out on your wedding day. As some may see it as a downfall to an estate wedding, we see this as a huge perk. Not only do you get to choose your location, but you get to design every detail for your wedding making it completely unique and personal. Each wedding we get to help plan we think of as a blank canvas just waiting for our ideas and thoughts to fill the canvas with color and beauty. The options are endless and it allows each bride and groom to add their own special touches to the property to make it unique to each couple.
2. Do I need to hire a Wedding Coordinator or can I do it all myself?
Hiring an experienced Estate Wedding Coordinator is highly recommended because they will take care of all the small details of the wedding making sure all contracts and permits are taken care of, allowing you to enjoy the fun parts of planning your wedding. Not only will you have someone to help you find the best caterers, florists, and photographers, but they will be there the day of to help make sure your entire day runs smoothly.
3. Why choose an Estate Wedding? How does it compare to a Traditional Venue?
a. Privacy- With a traditional venue, you do not have the entire place to yourself, therefore you may have unexpected visitors trying to catch a glimpse of the wedding taking place. By choosing an Estate as your wedding location, you have the entire estate to yourself and your guests. Each vicinity is completely yours allowing you to enjoy every corner and room of your estate.
b. Extended Access- Typical venues only allow access the day of your wedding, and even then it may only be a few hours before it is scheduled to begin. With an estate wedding, you are usually allowed a 3-day access to the property. This not only allows your vendors ample amount of time to set up, but there isn’t pressure to have everything cleaned up by the time your last song finishes and guests have cleared the dance floor. Having this extra time allows you to include more detail and add those extra touches to your wedding day making it that much more special.
c. Estate Staff Just For You- What could be better than having an entire staff brought in just for your special day? Each staff member works hard for your wedding making sure every detail is flawless and the day runs just how you envisioned it. By making sure the fountains are on, lights dimmed to a certain degree, wait staff just for your guests, and restroom tenants are all just an overview of what our Estate Staff does for you.
d. Customizable Options- More traditional venues have restrictions as to what type of décor you can have and limits the amount of variety you can have. These are all not an issue because with an estate wedding there are no restrictions so your options really are limitless!
e. Location Convenience- At an estate wedding, there is enough space to have your ceremony and reception at the same place, so your guests don’t need to worry about getting from one venue to the next for your wedding festivities. This allows more time to be spent with your loved ones rather than time spent in the car traveling from ceremony to reception site.

Questions to Ask when looking at Venue Estates

Are there any restrictions we should be aware of prior to our wedding day?

Yes usually. Because most estates are in a neighborhood many of them do come with a music cut off time due to noise ordinance laws. Most times that time is 10pm which for some can be a little early to end the party. Although many take the opportunity to go out afterwards to continue the party with the ones they love.
Those are just a few of our frequently asked questions answered, but don’t be shy to ask questions when looking at an estate for your wedding location!!

Here is what you need to know:

1. Capacity – An estate’s ambiance and amenities are important, but it is imperative to not forget the basics.

Your guests not only have to fit in the event space, they have to fit comfortably, with enough room for dancing, eating, lounging and whatever other activities will be part of your special day.
Would-be brides and grooms should go as far as seeing all the event spaces for themselves so that they can decide whether the capacity quote is accurate.

2. Facilities – Having enough room for guests is one thing, having the proper amenities and facilities is something else entirely.

Good estates will have ample restrooms, handicapped access (if necessary), sufficient parking and spaces for caterers and other vendors who will help put on the wedding.

3. Rules – Estates might have different rules that guests have to abide by.

These could range from things like not allowing candles in certain rooms (for safety reasons or to preserve fragile antiques) to not allowing guests to have access to certain indoor or outdoor areas of the property.

It is best to ask about restrictions upfront, so that any misunderstandings are avoided.
In addition to guest areas, make sure that areas used for food prep and photographs will be accessible on the day of the event.

4. Décor – Many people want to have décor that features a consistent theme and colors.
To achieve the desired look, some decorations may have to be put inside the estate.

Some estates have in-house decorators who can handle this, but others do not.
If an estate doesn’t decorate for you, it is good to make sure that your decorators will be able to have access before the ceremony and reception and, more importantly, that they will not be breaking the estate’s rules by placing the decorations around the property.

5. Fees – Estates might require their renters to use in-house services (for catering, music, etc).
Wedding parties that rely on outside vendors might be charged an additional fee.

This is not always the case (most estates go out of their way to accommodate guests’ desires), but it is better to be sure than to find that the wedding is beyond your budget because of unforeseen fees.

Bringing your own alcohol can be another major source for fees.

Many estates make much of their event money from serving alcohol, so they may charge some sort of corkage fee for weddings that bring their own beverages.

6. Other events – Larger estates may host more than one event during a weekend.
It pays to ask if there will be any other events and where they will be hosted.

While most estates are pretty good at separating their guests, it can be frustrating if noise or crowds from another event interfere with your wedding.

The estate may not have another event scheduled at the time that your wedding will take place, but one could be scheduled at a later date, so it is best to proceed like another event will be taking place (if the estate hosts more than one event) and then making sure that the other event spaces are sufficiently separated from your own.


The cake-cutting is one of the most romantic times during the wedding. The very first undertaking the couple will handle as husband and wife will be to cut the cake! Most brides and grooms wish to have special songs played during the cake-cutting ceremony. The music sets the tone for the scene and will create a lasting memory in the hearts of the couple and their guests. Here are some of the most popular cake cutting songs of all time.

‘Sweet’ and Sentimental
Some brides and grooms choose to play sweet and touching music during the cake cutting ceremony. There are many different songs which would be fitting for this moment, but these are without a doubt the most popular.

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) by James Taylor
Sugar, Sugar by The Archies
That’s Amore by Dean Martin
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by The Four Tops
Happy Together by The Turtles

Funny and Humorous
It’s very important that the wedding music (including the cake-cutting music) fits the personality of the bride and groom. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are a pair of jokesters and enjoy a good laugh, perhaps these funny cake-cutting songs will appeal to you.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen
Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic

Upbeat Favorites
If you’re looking for some upbeat songs that are known by most people, there are some fun options available. Take a look at the songs below to find some inspiration:
Going to the Chapel by Dixie Cups
It Had to Be You by Frank Sinatra
Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole

Whether you want a funny song which will have your guests rolling in laughter or a sentimental song that will bring a tear to their eyes – there are definitely plenty of songs for every personality. Choose something that is special to you and your fiancé and that you will remember for years to come.



A well designed event that truly speaks your style is much more layered and complex than simply choosing rentals, lighting and all the small finishing touches. When working with clients it is first the task of discovering and defining your personal style, then opening up our idea trove to share with you how we can create a unique space that takes your guests on a memorable experience.

Starting on a larger scale our design process evaluates the spaces to be used, how we will configure your layout to best optimize the space and accommodate the look you desire, tent design, lighting options, flow and progression of your event from when guests arrive to departure, stationed areas, and how these spaces and elements all tie together.

The finer details, such as inspiration boards, table design, ceremony decor and design, centerpiece design, cake design, favor design and selection and how all of these components feed off each other are all details thought through with meticulous care and attention.

Through our experience and knowledge of the countless options, vendors and possibilities available in the event industry, you will be presented with the options to make your own decisions as we journey through this creative process. Factors such as budget, venue limitations and functionality are all items we discuss and are well-versed in to provide our clients the highest level of customer service.

We have a variety of options available for clients looking for design assistance. Please email us so that we can best match you with our services. Stand out from the rest! Distinguish your design. Reflect your inner style and show off who you are, let us make your DREAMS INTO A REALITY! Let us show you how to shine! Make your guests be swept off of their feet, give them a WOW factor, and surprise them with the newest trends with our innovative style. You are in the hands of professionals, let us make your fairy tale come true and deliver to you the most spectacular production ever where everything is fabulous and flawless.



Set your price levels
1. Create a comparison chart to track what’s included in the price for each venue you’re considering. One company may not include linens and the cake, for example, while another company does.

2. Many public spaces, like parks or the local village green, may be available to rent at a low fee. However, if the space is not equipped to handle events, you’ll have to rent everything from napkins to tables and chairs. Make sure you come out ahead!

3. Choose an unusual venue, such as an aquarium, a zoo, a gallery or an historical site. Site fees are not high and you’ll save on decor because the venue already supplies ambience. But the same caveat goes as for public spaces: Figure in what you’ll have to spend on rentals.

4. Hold your ceremony and your reception in the same place. You’ll save yourselves multiple site fees as well as transportation from one location to the other.

5. If you belong to a community organization or to the military, you may have access, at low cost, to a venue belonging to them.

6. Don’t forget your alma mater—these usually rent for a few hundred dollars.

7. Depending on your venue, you may not need to decorate extensively. If you marry outdoors at a winery, for example, there’s not much you’ll need to add to the gorgeous vineyard backdrop.

8. Rent a vacation home. Even if the owners charge you a week’s worth of rent for the day, it may still be equal to or less than renting a traditional reception venue.

9. If a family member has a scenic property, find out if you can hold your wedding there. One couple held their wedding on the Wyoming ranch where the groom had grown up. Unique and cost-conscious!

10. If you’re a city-dweller, leave town for your wedding. One Boston bride saved more than $50 per person by holding her wedding in Burlington, Vermont.

11. For a garden wedding, look into renting an historic mansion; many of these have gardens that are included in the deal. You may find, as did one couple, that the mansion they rented had no time limit, and the fee was less than half a hall rental.

12. Look for reception packages. Holding your event at a venue that provides catering and food-service items will save you quite a bit of money on rentals.

13. Save on your rehearsal dinner site by throwing a backyard barbecue or a picnic in a local park—both of which will cost you less than a dinner in a restaurant. (These may be more fun too!)

14. Accept a post-wedding brunch at a relative’s home as a wedding gift. You may find that in lieu of a gift, a friend or relative will be thrilled to host this event in their home.

15. Trim the length of your reception. Even doing three hours instead of four or five will save you money. Trust us, everyone will enjoy themselves just as much.

16. Determine early on what you can spend and stick to it. One rule of thumb: Food, beverage and venue should come to half of your budget.

17. Most venues charge a premium for Saturday night. Hold your reception on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday night. An afternoon wedding will cost less than an evening one, as will a Sunday brunch.

18. Consider the season— you’re likely to get a better price for a venue in January than you would for the same spot in June.

19. What about a destination wedding? Because the guest list will be smaller, a wedding away may cost less than a traditional event held in your hometown.

20. Think small. If your guest list is 50 or less. Check into bed and breakfast venues in your area and place firm limits on your guest list.

21. When you’re deciding between an indoor or outdoor space, figure in the cost of a tent rental—if it rains, a tent is worth every penny.

22. Check with local large restaurants for private rooms or banquet areas.

23. DIY Invites / Signs / Wedding Elements / Take Aways


Weddings are expensive! If your budget is becoming a nightmare, there are a few ways to trim the costs without sacrificing your dreams or the comfort of your guests.

The Cake
Wedding cakes can be a ridiculous expense, especially for large guest lists or if you have your heart set on an extravagant design. Renting a display cake is a popular option that could cut at least a couple hundred dollars from your budget without foregoing the perfect cake. Other couples save by ordering a small cake with an elegant design, as well as a less costly sheet cake for serving.

The Dress
Your wedding gown is often the easiest place to overspend – but also one of the easiest areas to trim costs. Take the time to shop around. Bridal discount stores, eBay, and similar locations will sometimes have your dream dress available for a fraction of the retail price!

The Menu
Food usually consumes the biggest portion of your budget. Consider finger foods or desserts instead of a sit-down meal. Backyard barbecues are a great way to save if you want to feed your guests a full menu.

Greenery is much less expensive than blooms. Decorate with ferns and foliage and save the colorful blossoms for your bouquet.

There are several ways to cut the costs of your invitations. Besides shopping around for the best price, opt for RSVP postcards to eliminate an extra envelope as well as postage. You can also consider eliminating the liner and avoiding enclosure cards.

The Date
Wedding venues and vendors tend to cost the most on Saturday evenings and holidays. Hold your event in the afternoon, on Friday night, or on a Sunday afternoon. Try to avoid major holidays if you want to trim your budget.

The Location
Search around for free venues for your ceremony and reception. Outdoor events are often free and you’ll save on plants and flowers as well!

Especially if your guest list is large, wedding favors can add up quickly. Look for DIY favors that can be assembled quickly and inexpensively without losing sentiment or consider making a charitable donation in honor of your guests.

Local Resources
Friends, coworkers, and family members often have a wealth of hidden talents – or may have friends that do! If your cousin takes amazing photos and has a professional camera, would she give you a great deal on your photography? Enlist the help of your bridesmaids to do your makeup and hair. New businesses are also ideal places to turn to for discounts that can cut your wedding budget.

Advice from The Knot

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning can be properly spending your money. According to The Knot, the average cost for a 150-person wedding is about $25,000, therefore you want to be positive your money is being spent in the right places.

Here’s the basic breakdown when deciding where to spend your money:

Reception: 48- 50 percent
Ceremony: 2- 3 percent
Attire: 8- 10 percent
Flowers: 8- 10 percent
Entertainment/Music: 8- 10 percent
Photography/Videography: 10- 12 percent
Stationery: 2- 3 percent
Wedding Rings: 2- 3 percent
Parking/Transportation: 2- 3 percent
Gifts: 2- 3 percent
Miscellaneous: 8 percent

The Knot also suggests that you set aside 5 percent of your budget for the “just-in-case” fund.

We promise, if you follow these guidelines, you will effectively use your money toward the wedding of your dreams.


Have you ever wondered “what is the secret to a long and happy marriage?”

I still find myself wondering this from time to time, particularly during our times of struggle. How are some couples more in love with one another? What is their advice for a happy marriage? Is it just luck or is there really a trick to creating a happy and long-lasting marriage?

After loosing my Grandmother this morning I decided to blog about her, she is truly amazing in so many ways and has set the bar for all of us. A genuinely loving person beautiful inside and out. Went to chuch regularly and took in anyone. Her door was always open and as were her arms. She was strong lady, and always was fully of cheer, smiles and never spoke bad about anyone ever. A true angel! Coming from a huge Italian family she was the center to all, and touched all of those who knew her. She taught me so much, and will truly be missed. I am happy to say she is in a better place. Shining from the heavens above she is now with the rest of my family who has passed. I know that I don’t have all of the answers. But I will always remember everything she showed me. Her house always smelt of food, I have so many memories with her and my Italian family, whether it was an arm wrestling match, playing with my 20+cousins running around in her house, going on road trips, having annual family reunions, playing dress up with her clothes and wigs, putting on talent shows, playing a thousand KISSES – a game she made up, or just spending every holiday with her. Our family was so fortunate to be blessed with such a tight knit family foundation. I thank god everyday, and never take anything I have or anyone I know for granted. We are all her for a reason, and I was soon to realize mine.

I look up to her in so many ways! Her marriage was always strong, and she loves like no one has ever loved. She had a one of a kind marriage and I hope I can have the same one day. These are a few tips she has shared with me over the years. I am happy to share them with you.

Never assume.

Compliment more than you criticize.

For each time you vent about your husband/wife to your friends, tell three positive stories.

Remember that it is ok to do things differently (e.g. there is more than one way to peel a potato or fold the laundry).

Always make time for the two of you.

Marry someone that you enjoy listening and talking to.

Remember that marriage is sometimes a bed of roses and sometimes there are thorns.

Remember that the best gift that you can give your children is to love their mother/father.

Be fair! Split the housework, spending money, etc evenly, or as much as you can. This way you are never resentful of your partners contributions (or lack of) or expenditures.

Never go to bed angry.

Remember that people do fight. It’s how you do it that matters. Sometimes fighting is ok, just means you really LOVE that person.

Before starting an argument, consider if it’s really worth it.

Agree to disagree.

Never, ever mention the “D” word (divorce), ever.

Respect each other’s privacy. HAVE TRUST

Remember that “love is like childhood. You need to learn to share.”

Marriage is not 50/50, it’s two people giving 100/100 all of the time.

Surprise each other now and then.

Have date night!

Never pass up an opportunity to say “I love you”.

Hold hands.

Hug & kiss every day (several times a day actually!).

Always believe that you got better than you deserved.

Be quick to say “I’m sorry”. Its ok to be wrong, always apologize even if you know you are right ?

Love isn’t always a feeling, it’s a decision.

Hang in there. Know it’s worth it.

Play nice, play often, love much.

Never air your dirty laundry as a couple in public.

Never keep secrets from each other. For that is your soulmate and best friend.

Be each other’s champion. No matter what, take your husband or wife’s side first!

Communication is the key!

Always respect each other.

Never underestimate the power of a good belly-laugh and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

It’s the little things that matter most.

Never use the words ‘Always’ and ‘Never’ in a fight.

It’s ok to argue, but never use curse words to express your anger.

Never compare your marriage to others. What you see on the outside is not always what it is on the inside.