Here are some GREAT tips from our Experts!
  • You might want to look through some bridal magazines or websites to see what is out there. Which styles grab your attention? Which styles look good with your wedding dress and desired hairstyle? It is also helpful to determine what you don’t like as well as what you do.
  • You can talk to your hairstylist about potential ways of wearing your hair, and see if they have any suggestions about what would work especially well with your hair colour, length and your face shape. Are there any styles that they would recommend against? It is very valuable to get some opinions with experience behind them.

Headpiece Shopping:

  • It doesn’t hurt (or cost anything) to go into a shop and have a good look around. Don’t be afraid to ask to try the headpieces on as that’s what they are there for, and you never know…that style that has potential but looks “too much” or “to simple” on the shelf could look absolutely perfect once you try it on.
  • There are no hard and fast rules about what to wear in your hair. Everyone is unique and has different preferences and tastes and there are a vast range of styles to choose from. You are free to try and match the beading in your dress (if any) to that in your headpiece but you definitely don’t have to.

What are the Choices?

  • Be open-minded and creative. Ask about that current trends or new styles. You certainly don’t have to wear a traditional tiara, you can us pearl or crystal twists, a beautifully beaded comb to top a veil, flowers on wires, or even delicate white feathers in your hair!


  • There are no strict rules about the length of your veil, but consider your dress: if it has a beautifully detailed waistline, you may want a veil that comes to that point to draw the eye. If you have a very simple dress you may want a longer veil to add a bit of drama.
  • Veils are available with a wide range of edgings. You can have a simple serged or rolled edge, a satin cord or ribbon edge in a variety of widths, a pearl edge, an embroidered edge, or no edge at all, just well-cut tulle.

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