If you’re planning a wedding and knee-deep in collecting ideas for the perfect dress, hairstyle and invitations, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Pinterest.

The two-year-old social bookmaking site — which allows users to collect and share things they like on the Internet — is becoming a hotbed for the wedding industry. Not only are Pinterest users adding images to their virtual pinboards for inspiration to help plan their big day, but some are collecting ideas for the future and aren’t even engaged.

Either way, Pinterest is an easy way to make planning a wedding more manageable. It’s like ripping the pages out of wedding magazines and taping them to your bulletin board — but digitally. Even better, each picture is typically linked to a site where you can buy the styles you want, learn DIY crafting tips and become informed about the latest trends. Friends and other Pinterest followers can also leave comments and feedback to make the whole planning process more interactive.

1. Join

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Pinterest account. There’s a waiting list to join now — talk about exclusivity — but you can beat the system by having an existing Pinterest member send you a request. If you don’t know anyone on Pinterest, some have had success by finding members via Twitter and asking for invitations that way.

2. Create Boards

It depends how detailed you want to get with your boards, but we recommend creating various sections based on planning areas. Creating boards based on category makes it easy to keep track of ideas and narrow down preferences. Pictures can also be pinned to more than one section. Here are some board topics worth creating:

Invitations, wedding dresses, veils, shoes, flowers, cake designs, hair styles, nails, makeup, bridal accessories, bridesmaids, groomsmen, centerpieces, favors, showers and photography (engagement/wedding day ideas).

3. Follow the Experts

In addition to following your friends and family for style inspiration, keep tabs on what the wedding experts of the world are pinning to their boards. In fact, a lot of wedding and magazines blogs — including The Knotand Style Me Pretty — are getting in on the Pinterest trend, pinning hundreds of creative and beautiful ideas.

Style Me Pretty is one of the most popular wedding presences on Pinterest, with over 160,000 followers and 52 boards. You can follow all of their boards or just a few that most interest you, such as “Hairstyles” or “Bouquets.” Also, try searching with broad keywords such as “wedding” and “hair” to find and follow users who have pinned images of styles you like.

4. Start Pinning

The site is overflowing with creative and beautiful pictures, so to keep track of what you like, click on a picture and “repin” it. Pinterest will ask you which board you would like to add it to — for this picture, it would likely go under your “Cakes” section. Visiting your boards and pins will help inspire creativity with planning.

5. Use the “Pin It” Bookmarklet

If you find a picture you love on a site besides Pinterest, it’s easy to add it as a pin to your board via the “Pin It” bookmarket in Google’s Chrome browser. To install, click on the Wrench icon in the browser and select Toolbars – Always Display Bookmarks Bar. Drag and drop the Pin It button onto you Bookmarks Bar. Once installed in your browser, the Pin It button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a site, Pinterest grabs the source link so it credits the original creator.

6. Encourage Feedback (If You Want It)

Friends and other Pinterest followers can leave comments and feedback on pins to make the whole planning more interactive. If you are interested in hearing opinions, ask questions and invite people to tell you what they think.

7. Download the App

Instead of printing out pictures or bringing magazines with you to shop for wedding dresses and other items, iPhone users should download the app, so boards can be accessed while on the go. Unfortunately, the app isn’t optimized for the iPad just yet, though the site can still be accessed via the tablet.


Go Green

Summer abounds with green plant life, from floral foliage to growing gardens. There are many green colorsappropriate for summer. Consider:

  • Various green hues
  • Green paired with bright colors like pink, yellow or purple
  • Pale green paired with pretty lavender, pink or white
  • Tropical deep greens, evoking a rich rainforest
Summer green and foliage

Pretty Pastels

While pastel colors like baby pink, pale blue, and lavender are most popular for spring weddings, they are also perfectly acceptable for summer ceremonies. Consider the following:

  • Shades of pale yellow and white
  • Lavender and pale blue
  • Rose and cream
  • Sage and lilac
  • Pale coral and mocha
  • Peach and pink

Rainbow Colors

Summer lends itself well to using assorted colors, especially when they are bright. You may want to consider a rainbow color scheme that incorporates a variety of colors, such as:

  • Bright pink, yellow, orange and green
  • Aqua, lime, and yellow
  • Purple, yellow, blue and green
  • Red, pink and orange
  • Purple, pink and yellow

Natural Neutrals

Neutral colors look fresh and beautiful for summer. You may consider:

  • White and silver
  • Shades of cream and white
  • Khaki or sand and white
  • Beige and sand

More Color Ideas

Favorite combinations that will look beautiful at any summer wedding include:

  • Green combined with
    • Purple
    • Coral
    • Orange
  • Brown with blue
  • Bright pink with orange
  • Deep orange with cranberry red
  • Royal blue with bright yellow
  • Turquoise blue with beige
  • Navy blue with silver

Other aspects to consider when selecting your wedding color scheme is the time of day your wedding will be and if you will be inside or outdoors. If you are having an outside wedding, consider the surroundings and find colors that will complement what is around you. For example, a wedding at a botanical garden will look best with a color palette in the same colors as the flowers in the garden.

Using a Color Wheel

A color wheel can be very helpful when you are choosing a color scheme for your summer wedding. A handy tool is the Color Scheme Designer. Simply click on a color and select if you want monochromatic, contrast, triad, tetrad or analogic. You will then be able to see the colors that will go best with your original selection.

Summer table decorations

Color Families

These terms will help you choose a summer color scheme:

  • Monochromatic: A monochromatic color scheme is an assortment of shades of the same color. For example, if you choose purple as you color you might also use lavender, grape purple, violet purple, etc. Monochromatic colors will be next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Contrast: Colors that contrast are found at opposite sides of the color wheel. If you use purple as you example again, its contrasting color would be yellow. Another way to use contrast is to choose your secondary colors from each side of that color on the wheel. So if yellow is your secondary color, you would choose a shade darker and a shade lighter than the true yellow. These still contrast with purple and will look beautiful together.
  • Triad: Triad colors are equidistant on the color wheel, meaning they form a triangle. If you have decided to use purple and yellow, you would add fuchsia as your third color. Remember, one color will be your primary color. The others will be used as accent colors.
  • Tetrad: This scheme will consist of four colors that are equally spaced on the color wheel. An example would be purple, red, yellow and green. In a wedding bouquet your biggest, main flowers would be purple with smaller, accent flowers in red and yellow. Green would be in the foliage added to your bouquet. This would make a stunning arrangement.
  • Analogic: These are three colors that are side-by-side on the wheel; pale yellow, sun yellow and goldenrod, for example. Then, as an accent you will add one contrasting color – purple in this example.

Using the colors in your color palette will give your wedding a polished look. Keep in mind, if you select a dominant color that looks great on you and build from that, you will be assured that your wedding will make you glow. After all, everything around you will complement your own skin tone.

Choosing Your Colors

With so many different summer color palettes to choose from, finding the right types of summer wedding colors can be difficult. This is why experimenting with different color combinations until you find the right selection of colors is a good idea. No matter what theme you are going for at your summer wedding, you can rest assured that picking a bright palette of summer colors will bring your entire wedding together and make your day even more memorable.


Though you might not want to think about it, disasters can strike your wedding day. From a sudden cancellation to stolen gifts to a damaged gown, wedding insurance can help protect you against the unforseen, and can also afford you great peace of mind. But what exactly is wedding insurance — and how does it work? Here’s the inside scoop.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Basically, wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control, and reimburses expenses incurred. For example, what if your limo driver doesn’t show up and you have to book another one the morning of the wedding — for three times the price? Or what if the groom’s custom-made tuxedo is lost in airport baggage, and he has to buy a new one the day before the wedding? What if your reception space goes out of business a month before the wedding, and you lose your deposit and have to book another space? These are the types of big-day financial losses that wedding insurance can help to protect.

Why Get Wedding Insurance?

Consider these scenarios:

Before you buy wedding insurance, check with your each of your vendors to see how well they’re covered.

  • Janet and Dan spend months planning their winter wedding. But on wedding day, their reception site is made inaccessible by an ice storm. With the right wedding insurance policy, the couple can postpone their wedding and receive every penny they lost (less the deductible) — including money for the invites, cake, catering, attire, and non-refundable deposits for ceremony musicians, floral designer, and other vendors.
  • The bride’s father is injured in a car accident just before the wedding and cannot travel. If the couple has to postpone their wedding, with wedding insurance they could be paid back their expenses to enable them to have the wedding when the father recovers.
  • Right before the ceremony, Brittany’s gown catches a gust of wind. Unfortunately, the tulle dances right over to the end of Uncle Howard’s cigar and the dress instantly goes up in flames. Fortunately, the right insurance policy covers the replacement of the veil and gown.

Do You Really Need Wedding Insurance?

Before you buy wedding insurance, check with your each of your vendors to see how well they’re covered — your reception site or your caterer may already have their own insurance, so you wouldn’t want to pay for overlapping coverage out of your own pocket. Ask your vendors for a copy of their policy, and then figure out where you aren’t fully covered.

When Should You Get Wedding Insurance?

The sooner the better. Let’s say you put a deposit on your wedding reception hall 12 months prior to your wedding date and then it burns to the ground a few weeks before the big day. With wedding insurance, you’ll be sure to get your deposit back. But note: most insurance companies have limitations on how far in advance you can purchase insurance.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Problems with the site, weather, vendors, key people, sickness, or injury are the top concerns come wedding day. There is usually a specified maximum amount, which can be claimed under each section, and a deductible also applies. Be sure to find out the details of your insurance plan.

  • Site: Check to see if your ceremony and reception site is already insured. If it’s not, wedding insurance can cover the cost arising out of unavoidable cancellation (such as damage or inaccessibility to the ceremony site), if your reception hall is unable to honor your reservation because it has burned in a fire, experienced an electrical outage, or just plain closed down. Sometimes this policy covers the rehearsal dinner site, too.
  • Weather: Any weather conditions which prevent the bride, groom, any relative whose presence at the wedding is essential, or the majority of the guests from reaching the premises where the wedding is to take place. Insurance covers rescheduling the wedding and all the details involved — such as ceremony flowers, tent rental, and reception food.
  • Vendor No-show: What if essential wedding people — the caterer or the officiant, for example — fail to show up? A wedding insurance policy usually covers cancellation or postponement of the wedding for these reasons.
  • Sickness or Injury: Wedding insurance may also include sickness or injury to the bride, groom, or anyone essential to the wedding.
  • Military or Job: It’s true, military personnel may be shipped out at a moment’s notice. Wedding insurance can cover postponement of the wedding due to the bride or groom suddenly getting called to military duty. This can also apply to a last-minute corporate move — i.e. the bride’s company suddenly relocates her to another city.

Wedding Insurance Doesn’t Cover…

  • A change of heart. In other words, cold feet don’t count.
  • Watches, jewelry, or semi-precious gemstones or pearls (even if they are attached to clothing) may not be covered.
  • While your wedding rings may be covered by the policy, your engagement ring probably will not.

Additional Coverage

Couples can take out supplemental policies to defend against damages incured by other wedding-related items such as photography, videography, and gifts.

  • Photography: Some policies pay to retake the photographs after the fact if the photographer fails to appear or the original negatives are lost, damaged, stolen, or not properly developed. Some policies will pay to re-stage the event — with the principal participants so that pictures can be retaken. A policy may also pay costs for rehiring a photographer, buying a new wedding cake, and new flowers.
  • Videographer: When a videotape produced by a professional videographer is damaged (he or she used faulty materials for example), a policy usually pays a certain amount to have either a video montage created, a video compilation made of the photographs and other wedding memorabilia, or, if possible, a retaking of the official video at a restaging.
  • Gifts: Whether they’re mailed to your home or handed to you on your wedding day, valuable items like gifts are something else you might want to consider insuring. Think about a party crasher lifting unattended presents from your reception. Gift coverage pays to repair or replace non-monetary gifts that are lost, stolen, or damaged. A police report is usually required for stolen gifts. The damage or theft generally has to take place within a limited time period (ranging from 24 hours to seven days depending on the specific policy) before or after the wedding, in order to be covered.
  • Attire: This coverage pays to repair or replace the bridal gown or other special attire when it is in your possession and is lost, stolen, or damaged (including financial failure of the bridal store). Special attire usually includes the clothing and accessories bought or rented that are to be worn by the bride, the groom, and attendants at the ceremony.
  • Personal Liability: Personal liability covers bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident that occurs during the course of the wedding (your best man trips and falls on his way up to the mike to roast you or Uncle Murray suffers a Harvey Wallbanger wall banger).
  • Medical Coverage: This covers reasonable medical expenses (up to the policy’s limits) for each person who is injured during the covered events from a cause of loss, which would be covered by your personal liability.
  • Honeymoon: Your honeymoon can cost as much as a new car. But before buying travel insurance to protect your investment, see if your credit card and/or homeowner’s policy covers you if your luggage gets lifted, your trip is delayed, or you have to cancel. If not, you can a buy separate, trip-only policy. Call your insurer, or ask your travel agent for details. Also, certain wedding insurance packages include optional travel insurance for your honeymoon.

Things to Consider

Every insurance policy and every wedding scenario is different. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent — and have him or her explain the nuts and bolts to you. You want to make sure you and your sweetie understand every detail of your policy.


Our Professional Services To You….

“These days, couples want their weddings to represent them — it is important that their guests are well hosted and walk away remembering their wedding as being really fun and memorable.”

We understand that every couple we meet with is unique in their ideas and expectations and so we customize our services to meet each couple’s requirements.

The Planning Process…

Ciao Bella Events approach to the planning process is that of a collaborative effort between the couple and the planner.  We begin by getting to know you by asking a lot of strategic questions to better understand your wedding vision, style, likes, and dislikes.  Only then do we proceed in creating a blueprint for your wedding.

Throughout the planning process we will introduce you to our network of respected local vendors and orchestrate the day-to-day details in order to make your wedding dream become a reality as smoothly as possible.  The end result is a wedding that encompasses all that you wanted to achieve without the stress of planning it on your own.

Some of the Services we are pleased to offer…

o Short-list the right vendors to suit your style and budget
o Discuss vendor proposals and contracts
o Attend vendor planning meetings as needed
o Manage your calendar and keep you on schedule via e-mail/phone reminders
o Create your very own personalized planning schedule
o Set up any necessary wedding related appointments/meetings
o On-going coordination and communication with vendors
o Establish a timeline for your wedding day
o Provide ongoing guidance, advice, and support throughout the planning process
o Onsite coordination and management of wedding day (and rehearsal as needed)

Our many areas of expertise…

Location! Location! Location!

Site selection is where it all begins… choosing the right venue that offers the perfect backdrop to your vision!  Whether it’s your home and/or garden, a blank canvas like a gallery or raw rental space, or one of British Columbia’s top wedding venues, we will assist you in selecting just the right location for your event.

Tents… a collapsible movable shelter consisting of a tough fabric or plastic cover held up by poles and kept in place by ropes and pegs. A tent can be one of the best ways to create a space completely unique unto your own.  From frame, pole, to clear top tents, to elegant draping and liners, to flooring and more we can create the perfect venue… just give us a great lawn or a backyard and we’ll see you there!

Services & Design
There’s nothing like strategically placed and color-coordinated specialty linens and lighting to warm a space and make it pop!  We will arrange your Lighting, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Dishes, Dance Floors, Portable “Hollywood Trailer” Restrooms, Valet Parking, and other Expert Services and Design Ideas.

Culinary Delights
Champagne & Hors D’oeuvres to Exquisite Plated Menus with strategic wine pairings to Gourmet Buffets we will help you formulate a perfectly balanced food and beverage plan that offers the most of your chosen food style offering. Ciao Bella Events works with Exclusive Caterers to offer menu paring suggestions.

Now  that’s Entertainment!
From Mozart and Bach to the Swing Standards of the 50s or maybe you’re all about 70s & 80s Dance Favorites or Modern Day Rock… Whatever your preferred genre of music there is nothing like it to stimulate the senses and add to the ambiance.  We will help you orchestrate the perfect music line up from ceremony and cocktails through to dinner and dancing.

Fresh Flowers
Understated Elegance on a Budget to Over the Top Grandeur (what’s a budget?)… Our recommended floral designers will help you cultivate your ideal floral fantasy.

Through the Lens
Capturing the moments with an experienced and creative photo and/or video journalist is an essential element of any wedding.  Being able to look back and relive your wedding day moment by moment will become more invaluable as time goes on.  So documenting it well is important.  Our referred photographers offer a variety of shooting styles from the highly coveted candid and photojournalistic styles to the avant-garde artistic styles shot by some of Vancouver elite photographer teams.  Your options are limitless through the eyes of a qualified and dedicated photographer and/or videographer.

True Confections

Wedding cakes and scrumptious desserts made with fresh ingredients and a creative eye are prepared by master bakers.  Going on the cake tasting is the best part!

Wedding Wear
Whether you dream of a custom couture gown or formal tuxedo or hope to find your perfect dress or suit at one of the many local wedding shops, we will work with you to ensure you’re dressed to impress from top to toe!  We will also put you in touch with top hair stylists & make-up artists to complete the look.

Getting from “Here to There”
Our trusted transport professionals and their elegant “fleets of fancy” will whisk you wherever you need to go in style with exquisite service to boot!  From a white stretch limousine to an understated black chauffeured Sedan, from sophisticated Vintage Jaguars to classic cars of the 70s, we have connections for every mode of transport for that perfectly convenient entrance or departure.

You are cordially Invited…

The invitation is said to set the scene… Allow us to introduce you to some of the city’s most revered stationers offering an array of elegant, stylish and trendy stationary designs or perhaps you desire something truly unique and would prefer to work with talented graphic artists ready to help create the ultimate invitation ensemble.  We also offer R.S.V.P. maintenance services for your convenience upon request.

It wouldn’t be a party without you!
Whether it’s a private ceremony and dinner for 10 or a lavish affair for 400+ guests, our commitment to our clients and their guests is to make them feel welcomed and well attended.  We would be happy to assist you in handling travel arrangements, hotel room blocks, transportation, pre/post wedding activities, in-room welcome baskets, & more.


Here are some GREAT tips from our Experts!
  • You might want to look through some bridal magazines or websites to see what is out there. Which styles grab your attention? Which styles look good with your wedding dress and desired hairstyle? It is also helpful to determine what you don’t like as well as what you do.
  • You can talk to your hairstylist about potential ways of wearing your hair, and see if they have any suggestions about what would work especially well with your hair colour, length and your face shape. Are there any styles that they would recommend against? It is very valuable to get some opinions with experience behind them.

Headpiece Shopping:

  • It doesn’t hurt (or cost anything) to go into a shop and have a good look around. Don’t be afraid to ask to try the headpieces on as that’s what they are there for, and you never know…that style that has potential but looks “too much” or “to simple” on the shelf could look absolutely perfect once you try it on.
  • There are no hard and fast rules about what to wear in your hair. Everyone is unique and has different preferences and tastes and there are a vast range of styles to choose from. You are free to try and match the beading in your dress (if any) to that in your headpiece but you definitely don’t have to.

What are the Choices?

  • Be open-minded and creative. Ask about that current trends or new styles. You certainly don’t have to wear a traditional tiara, you can us pearl or crystal twists, a beautifully beaded comb to top a veil, flowers on wires, or even delicate white feathers in your hair!


  • There are no strict rules about the length of your veil, but consider your dress: if it has a beautifully detailed waistline, you may want a veil that comes to that point to draw the eye. If you have a very simple dress you may want a longer veil to add a bit of drama.
  • Veils are available with a wide range of edgings. You can have a simple serged or rolled edge, a satin cord or ribbon edge in a variety of widths, a pearl edge, an embroidered edge, or no edge at all, just well-cut tulle.

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