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OC Cravings

We love to eat! We are foodies! What can we say! We are always on the go!

Since we are Wedding Planners we don’t always have time to sit down and eat at the best spots health wise. So sometimes we do indudge on the go !

Some of our healthy and not so healthiest & favorite spots in order, down the page include:

– Alessa Laguna
– Zinc Cafe
– The Counter
– Heidelberg Cafe
– The Rooftop
– Umami Burger
– Sandy’s
– Fig N’ Olive
– Kings Fish House

{{Here are some iPhone photos of our favorite spots we have eaten at with our Ciao Bella Ladies, when we are on the go from meeting to meeting ! Site tours calls for fuel! We need to stay full and fed !}}

Enjoy photos of our coursesty of The Ciao Bella ladies!