OC Fair Fun

Days grew shorter and nights grew longer for me and I just didn’t have the energy to make it last year, with my pregnancy. But this year we did!!! And I’m so happy we went!

It was Livy’s first time! There will be tons of first times, for her… from here on out! Her Dada and I love reliving our childhood through her. Seeing things through her eyes, for the first time is such an incredibly, emotional feeling… of pride.

Watching your very own baby respond or react to something he/she has never seen, is just ahhhmazing !!! I remember the days when I wished for moments like these,watching children and babies with their parents. And the joy and happiness babies bring !!! It’s so uplifting !! Zero bad days, over here!! We hit the lottery with this angel baby!

Everyday, I become more intrigued with her ability to retain information. She is so smart and very intelligent already.

Ok, ok so back to the Fair! Side note: Before I go any further… let me just tell you, I’ve been on a cleanse now for almost 3 months and eating Fair food was my cheat day!

So I started this cleanse called Trifectasystem. My husband is a huge MMA fan and all the fighters are on this Organic Food Cleanse. So of course what does he do… he ordered it for us to try!

I’m actually happy he did too! It has been a game changer for me! Especially loosing the rest of my postpartum Baby Weight ! For all you mommy’s looking to get fit it’s starts in the kitchen!

Ok so everytime I eat anything other then this food I get a really bad stomach ache. I literally can not eat out anymore. It’s gotten that bad now. I was super scared going to the Fair knowing how awful the food is for you, but hey I’m always up for a challenge! Hahah Me VS bad food // Bad Food -1 Me -O // let’s just say…that didn’t turn out to good!

And I didn’t even eat that horribly:

-We started with a Hot Dog on a stick! Of course we had to hit up first

-Then Funnel Cake easy on the strawberries ( I love strawberries but sometimes they are too mushy at the Fair ) and tons of whip cream just how I like it

-Lastly, we shared a Philly Cheesesteak sando that was soooooo soo good my mouth is watering just writing about it

See, that wasn’t too bad. Was it??? Hahah My stomach begged to differ, but oh well heyyy …the OC Fair only comes around, once a year!

Here are some of my favorite photos taken from our trip to the Fair!

Photos Taken: On my husbands IPhone


We finally made it to the OC Fair this year. Last year, I wanted to go so badly… especially since I was pregnant with Liv, and those food cravings would have been fulfilled if we went.









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