Christina was absolutely fabulous from the get go! The first time meeting her through my Husbands brother she was extremely personable, saw and understood my vision and helped bring my vision to life at my wedding. Christina was always available whenever I called her, which is so important when you’re in frantic stress mode. She was always willing to help me out with any task or obstacle I was experiencing.

Christina has a ton of connections and vendors she works with so she was always able to give me different options if I wasn’t happy with a vendors selection. Wherever you’re thinking of having your wedding or event does not make a difference when it comes to Ciao Bella Laguna Beach. Christina is able to tackle any location and or venue. My wedding was in La Jolla and she went above and beyond taking care of every detail when it came to my wedding.

I could not have picked a better wedding coordinator slash extraordinaire as Christina is simply the best in the business. Not only was my planning stress free but she assured me everything would be flawless, which it was. I could not have asked for a more detailed, fun, gorgeous, classic wedding than what Christina helped me achieve… it truly was a dream wedding come true.

Rosalyn Schlegel

You’re the best! Love you girl thank you for making my wedding a fairytale.

Ashley Wahler

Jason Wahler from The Real Laguna Beach and The Hills, TV reality star ties the knot. “We love you so much. Christina Thanks for everything.”
Jason Wahler


Christina and the Ciao Bella Team was there for me for every minute. She truly does not miss a beat. She was my rock from day 1 of planning my wedding, and also flew out to the Napa on ‘day of’ to coordinate everything. If something went wrong, I didn’t have a clue. Even after our wedding, she has been sending me photos that she took throughout the day. She does it ALL! Above and beyond. I have the upmost respect for Christina and her Team, I don’t know how she does what she does. She takes everyones stress away and with a smile. She has this very calming nature about her, which was so important to me on my big day and throughout the entire process. Her texts and email responses are always immediate. Absolutely everyone in my family complimented how awesome she was. If you don’t use her, you are out of your mind.

I knew Christina was going to be my wedding planner within 5 minutes of talking to her. Her professionalism, knowledge, organization, work ethic, and compassion for my husband and I were more than we could have asked for.

I can’t wait to plan future parties with Ciao Bella Wedding Events & Private Parties. I will recommend her to all of my future brides and grooms that I run into.

Ruby and Doug O’rear – Napa Valley

I would highly recommend Ciao Bella to anyone who wants to have a perfect and flawless event! Christina and her team are beyond professional and provide excellent service. They made all of my dreams come true on my wedding day! I LOVE Christina and her Ciao Bella Team and I look forward to planning another event very soon!!!

Danielle Herrera – Palos Verdes

Hi Christina,  I can not thank you enough for helping Rosalyn and Eric with the wedding.  It was an amazing event and we got so many compliments on it.  Everything flowed so smoothly and it went on without a glitch.  Thank you for all your help–I know it was a lot of work and you worked tirelessly with Rosalyn and I thank you so much.  We will have so many wonderful memories to hold onto and  your help in all of it  was so much appreciated.

Patty Ortiz

I would like to formally recommend Christina Lomonaco and Sierra Lopez of Ciao Bella Events for your wedding!  Christina is very organized and can make your dream wedding become reality.  Sierra, her assistant, was also very organized and aware of everything Christina and I had discussed and planned.

I had hired Christina to take over wedding planning 1-2 months before my wedding and had planned most of it (with Christina’s help with vendor recommendation) and then handed everything over to Christina two months prior to my wedding. She executed all of my plans exactly the way I had envisioned! Every detail was perfect and just what I had wanted.She has many connections and can give recommendations for vendors that are reliable and very good at what they do.  Retrospectively, the only thing I would have changed at this point was that I would hire Christina to plan the entire wedding from the beginning, before I made any decisions, because I feel like she had so much knowledge that I didn’t take advantage of.  If you have any doubt about how your wedding will be executed definitely hire Christina (& Sierra as her assistant!). You can be reassured your day will go perfectly.

Jennifer Spears

Stop right here and look no further! You have stumbled on to the absolute best event planner in the industry. I have worked with the best of them, including Mindy Weiss and I can tell you that Christina and her Team at Ciao Bella Weddings & Events trumps all.

First, she has the most amazing ideas. If you want a creative and beautiful event, Christina and her team is seriously the perfect fit.

Second, she keeps everything moving and is totally accommodating. I am a very busy business woman. On some days, it was best to work with me via text, others email and others endless phone calls. Whichever it was for that day, Christina went with the flow.

Third, she has the very most sweet and positive energy. She makes it fun to plan a party and removes ALL stress. She always makes you feel amazing about your choices and ideas. She is able to listen to your needs and transform them in to a well executed and beautiful event.

Fourth, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. I was shocked when on event day, Christina looked around at the event, saw any holes or things missing and started putting together the most gorgeous floral arrangements and embellishing each and every inch of the venue with beautiful details. Let me tell you, it pays to hire someone that essentially has party planning in their blood. There is not a pretentious bone in Christina’s body. She works hard and is beyond professional. When you tell Christina to be some place at 8:30 AM, she shows up early and waits in her car so that at 8:30, she is ringing your doorbell.

Finally, Christina delivers exactly based on your needs. I did not want anyone to know I used a party planner. Christina and her team came in and literally acted like she had been my life long friend. She worked next to someone that talked about wanting to go in to the event planning business and Christina just remained a “friend”. She did not speak up and try and show off that she was an expert but instead, took a back seat and essentially just took orders and worked hard to make it the most amazing event ever. There were so many times when I figured she would have slipped but instead, really just got in to “friend” mode. At the end of it all, Christina became exactly that….a friend. Christina will be the party planner for all of my future events. I can’t WAIT!!!! This woman will make you look like a genius.

Rhianna Ross

Christina Lomonaco is one of the hardest working, creative, intelligent, always thinking outside the box, the greatest businesswomen I have ever met. Very rarely do find a human being with such creative talent that can also be heard so clearly in a business meeting. I have worked with Christina Lomonaco on and off over the last 10 years and must say she is a go-getter! She is the most well mannered, professional, always on time. She truly puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Over the last year I felt myself become extremely overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning. Five months prior to my wedding I found many things not coming together on my own as I had planned. Without hesitation Christina stepped right in to help. Christina ended up putting together my bridal shower, Bachlorette party, and many parts of my wedding. She did everything with such ease! I was completely blown away. I could not have asked for more beautiful, over the top, extravagant parties that did not cost an arm and a leg. Christina Lomonaco continuously had my back when it came to money and vendors. She was always there to get the best price possible which can be difficult to find in this day and age.

Weddings can get to be extremely pricey, everyone out to make the most money possible off you. After working with Christina and Ciao Bella Weddings I could tell this was truly  her passion. Not only was Christina a BLAST to work with but always seemed to give me a sense of calmness when I needed it the most. She was my emotional support and shoulder to cry on when times got tough. She is the full package ladies and gentlemen. You would be a fool not to give Christina Lomonaco and Ciao Bella your business when it comes to planning your special day. After my many great experiences with her I have decided to use Ciao Bella Events for my upcoming baby shower! She’s simply the best!

Breanne Taylor

We all know that a wedding is a special event, big , small, or intimate. I know that a bride has a billion things that can go wrong on her day and that’s why I trusted no one but the best. Ciao Bella, and Christina Lomonaco was the best decision we ever made. Not only did the day run as smooth as silk, but every single detail that was in my imagination, Christina brought to life. She and her assistants were flawless and did all the work. My dream came true, in fact because of Christina it was beyond my wildest imagination and dreams. All the big details to the smallest of details she made it happen above all standards. Without her or Ciao Bella, and her wonderful assistants, it never would have been half the amazing dream wedding it turned out to be. I never knew how much help I needed until I realized I needed someone very special to help me. To have some one help you plan your one big special day as if it were their own big day, well it shows the love, and passion she has for her work and I will never forget the best day of my life, and I owe it to Ciao Bella and Christina Lomonaco. Anyone who passes on her services and thinks they can do it all, well u probably can, but there’s no one better in the business who knows the ins and outs and the behind the scenes work and effort that only Christina and her assistants can create. It amazed me to see her in action creating my ideal dream wedding with extra things I never even thought of. And when I look back, I was so relaxed knowing I left my only day I’ve been dreaming of for decades, in the hands of simply the best in the business. It would be wise for any bride who is a perfectionist like myself to look into her services for every detail of my wedding day was perfect because of her. I am forever thankful for making my dream come true with such love, emotion and passion. She refuses to let anything come between her and her work and that’s why it was the best decision I could have ever made. I am forever thankful for her hard work and passion.

Maggie May Davis

Ciao Bella did an amazing job to help our special day run smooth. Organizing events and relieving stress were just a few things brought to the table. I would highly recommend their services! Thanks again Ciao Bella!!!!

Mollie & Bryan Stiso 

I have seen many weddings but none as extraordinary as ones done by Ciao Bella Events. The owner Christina has an endless amount of energy. She strives where others fall short. She goes the extra mile and every bride is always so pleased with the production it puts tears in my eyes, and makes me melt. When I see my guests come up to her and shower her with compliments it makes me feel good knowing I choose the right Wedding Planner. I know a great production when I see one. We recently did a wedding and every detail was in place. From the design to the decor every element was memorial and just down right phenomenal. I know that the planning process can be most difficult and I have seen my own girlfriends stress over things with the wrong Wedding Coordinators. Knowing you are in the hands of a real professional can alleviate all of those feelings. When choosing the right vendors , location or day of coordination let Ciao Bella be your Guide!!!

Melissa Hart

I have had the pleasure to work with Christina Lomonaco on several weddings and events with us here at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach. Christina has a great attitude and her excitement is contagious! She is detail orientated, punctual and organized. She is dedicated to her clients from beginning to end. Christina is amazing to work with and puts on spectacular events! Her energy and bubbly character leaves ever lasting memories. I recommend Christina Lomonaco of Ciao Bella Events; she is a pleasure to work with.

Rebecca Peng
Catering Sales Manager
Pacific Edge, a Joie de Vivre Hotel

I would most definitely recommend Christina Lomonaco of Ciao Bella Events. She is a pleasure to work with.As Sale Manager of Above All Catering I have worked with Christina on many events and she is extremely detailed and dedicated to making the client’s event one to remember! Which this is our goal as well.She always has her best face forward with her positive attitude and great ideas!

I certainly hope to continue our great working relationship in the future.

Maggie McDowell
Above All Catering Sales Manager

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a personal recommendation for Christina Lomonaco. As the General Manager for The Capri Laguna Hotel I have known Christina for approximately six years. I have been consistently impressed by both Christina’s attitude towards her work and her performance on the job. She was always cheerful and willing to assist with any task. In addition, Christina was motivated and interested in learning.Christina Left the Capri Laguna to start her own business as an events and wedding specialist at Ciao Bella Wedding events, and she is doing a wonderful job.Christina would be a tremendous asset for any project she gets involved at and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her, please do not hesitate to call me.

Ibrahim Guirguis
Capri Laguna On The Beach Hotel Manager

Hands down the best event/wedding planner in Orange County. Christina has impeccable taste and will execute every event with the closest attention to detail.

Natalie Hills

I highly recommend Ciao Bella to anyone who’s looking for a caring, creative, “dialed in” professional to handle their important occasion. I have worked with Christina the owner for several years in hospitality, and industry events. She has years in the business of taking care of people and making sure their events run smoothly …down to the detail. She makes every guest and everyone she meets feel special and taken care of. Christina is a rock star! She knows everyone and anyone in Laguna Beach and infuses style in everything she touches. Her kindness and attention to our guests needs is highly missed, although I know her business is her number one priority and our loss is your gain. She has been managing her family business for years, and will treat your special event, with that same loyalty, enthusiasm, and graceful energy that only Christina can give. You will feel just as I do, like she is family. I would recommend anything that has Christina’s name on it. I trust her that much. Check out her pinterest page….you’ll see!

Kim Kranda

Ciao Bella is a great company to work with especially because the owner is so personable and cares about you having everything you want for your special event. She has great ideas and many resources to help. I highly recommend this company.

Kerani Marie

I have known Christina for years. She is such a sweet sincere young lady. I am so impressed with her work ethic and professionalism. She is so passionate about her job! I would refer anybody to her and feel confident they would be in trustworthy hands! After all when you get married, you want things to run smoothly! It can be a hectic and somewhat stressful time, however alot of the work and details can be turned over to Christina Lomonaco and you can trust your wedding will be a beautiful day!

Laura B

I highly recommend Christina for your next event or upcoming wedding. We worked together and I was very impressed with her upbeat energy and attention to the smallet details. She has an amazing way of making your feel great even under the most stressful sisuation. As a wedding photograper for over 15 years I know a Diamond when I see one. Christina has the skills, energy and creativity that make your special day absolutely fabulous. I give her my 5 Diamond recommendation.

Gina Waggner

When having that special day ,you need a great confidant advisior someone thats been there before but not bride position, but has best intentions for her clients….setting up brides special day…. how her dream wedding she wants planned. Ciao Bella Events is there for every moment, days, months prior till that special day…This is Christina Lomonaco’s passion, she spends her off days looking at catalogs inverstigating whats happening on wedding scene…She knows the latest trends and how to go green, save you the most money and teach you the tricks to budgeting. Her clients always have he best day! Each bride and groom are always satisfied ! I believe in her , all of her weddings seem so sunny and day full of ballons and blue skys…Ciao Bella Events Laguna Beach is a great place to plan any type of event.

Jordan S

Words can never express to you our family’s gratitude and thankfulness for your superior service at our daughter’s wedding. From the very first consultation, your wedding expertise, amazing wisdom far exceeded anything we could ever imagine.You provided the elegance. Beautiful scenery. The ice sculpture was magnificent. It amazes me how you pay such close attention to detail and listened intently to the heart of the bride. You took her ideas and expression and made them into a reality.
You went far beyond the call of duty and any expectation of any bride to make her day the most memorable ever. Thank you for being more than an Event Planner, for you provided so much more than our dollars could ever match. It is evident in your service and day to day living that you care more for people than what people can do for you.Your heart to provide superior service is unmatched. Ciao Bella is truly contagious and has not only affected my life in a positive way, but all those who come in contact with your company has not only experienced life, but experienced a burst of life by experiencing YOU.

Mr. & Mrs. Weaver

This is the best Event & wedding planner in Southern California!
Paul W

Christina Lomonaco of Ciao Bella is the perfect planner for any event you are thinking about having. I have known her for years and she is dedicated and creative, and exceptionally determined to make your visions come true with her elegant touches.

Warm Regards,
Kimmy W

I recommend CIao Bella to anyone who wants local knowledge of the Laguna Beach area for their perfect wedding day. The attitude over there is very upbeat and outgoing. They put together wedding packages that personalize each client. I strongly back Ciao Bella and am glad to have worked with them.

Greg M

I have known Christina Lomonaco for 15+ years. Since day one she has taken every task with dignity and precision. She is extremely talented when it comes to planning and getting everyone together. I always know I can count on having a great time if Christina is around.

Summer D

I can not speak highly enough about the event coordinating skills of Christina Lomonaco! She is amazing at putting together all the details to make an event special! She has an incredible work ethic and it shows in the final result. She is a fantastic team leader and treats everyone she works on any event with, with respect. She takes care of all the concerns of the client and creates a beautiful a stress free atmosphere.

Rachel Bartholomew

Yay to Ciao Bella! I’ve been throwing parties and events for almost 30 years. From simple get togethers to elaborate elegant occasions. But when my Dad died last year, my mind went completely blank! I couldn’t function or make a decision! Thank God for Christina! She stepped up to the plate and took charge! Every detail was attended to! It was a beautiful reception! (my Dad would’ve loved it!) the food was great, the tables and flowers were beautiful! She did a wonderful job! I was so grateful and it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the guests! I’ve known Christina most of her life. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow into a very responsible, caring and beautiful young woman! I highly recommend her to all my friends and family! She is bright, smart and a pleasure to work with! I know what a hard worker she is! She’s always had an incredible work ethic! And she has such a good heart! I know everyone will be happy working with her!

Hope Alcone

Ciao-Bella Events is the best! All of their events are gorgeously decorated and very well organized. I have attended events put on by Ciao-Bella, I recommend Ciao-Bella to all my friends and family, and I will definitely use Ciao-Bella Events for anything I plan, from weddings to birthday parties! Everything they do is beautiful and they make that special day extra special.”

Zoë Catsouras
The White House Laguna Beach

Christina is one of the hardest working, most optimistic people I’ve ever met. I can’t think of a better person to plan a special day. She is capable, tireless, endlessly positive and she has a very calming presence which will inspire you to remain confident and not get stressed on your big day. After all, your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life! Don’t spend your day worried about coordinating all the details, leave the planning to the professionals and have a perfect, stress free wedding day you’ll look back on with joy. I have known Christina for my whole life and even in times of stress, she remains cool, calm, collected, put together, and she never forgets to smile! Trust me! You are in good hands!

Jamie Andrews

Thank you so much for making my girls birthday so special and my Best friends wedding one of a kind EPIC!!! I’ve known you for many years and watched you grow with great pride! You are so delightfully talented and enthusiastically determined. I am honored to know you and so very eager to see You show everyone that doesn’t know you, just how incredible you are! When I know you’re the woman behind the wheel, I’m confident everyone involved Is not only lucky to be in your care, but also in store for an exceptional experience.

Yours Truly,

I am writing to offer my recommendation for Christina Lomonaco, a wedding and event planner with Ciao Bella Wedding Events in Laguna Beach, CA.

Recently, Ms. Lomonaco planned an event for me which was beautifully designed and extremely well executed from a planning perspective. Based on my experience working with her, she is an outstanding planner that is well organized, creative, warm, truly professional and a joy to work with. It was so refreshing to have someone to depend on that clearly had my best interests in mind while bringing her creative and fresh perspective to light.

Her sweet personality always lifted my day and made the event a stress free occasion. I look forward to working with Christina again and would highly recommend her to family and friends. This is one awesome woman!

Thank you,

This recommendation is specifically for Christina Lomonaco and her company Ciao Bella Weddings & Events. I have known Christina for many years and know that she has put her heart and soul into this new venture, and have seen firsthand, an incredible amount of attention to detail with her work. Her creative talents have and will set her apart from the competition. Her creativity is how I would describe as… “Timeless”, she has the knack of knowing what the customer wants, without missing a beat. Her creativity with events, you would typically see from someone that has had an exceptional amount of years in the business. Her company is professional and a class act that will inspire all those that are fortunate enough to use her company for their special event. I would most definitely recommend Ciao Bella to do an event for myself, or anyone looking for a unique and memorable time.

Mrs. Cook

I am so very impressed with the knowledgeable service that Ciao Bella provides. I didn’t know this level of service, energy, care and professionalism existed. Christina took me step by step and I never felt that I wasn’t important. As any bride to be knows things can get stressful. However, she provided the calm and answers to all my concerns.

Sincerely Yours,

Last year about this time I had the most wonderful experience of my life. Ciao Bella actually was the reason I was able to marry my long time love and father of my children. The only responsibility I really had to worry about was writing my vows, and that’s all a bride to be should have to worry about. Everything else was done so professionally. I would have paid all the money in the world for my day to go as smooth and worry free as it went but actually they made it happen within my budget. The venue was just unbelievable and every guest was just so speechless until they found out that Ciao Bella Events was responsible. I have never been treated in such a way that I felt like a queen on the one day I actually should feel that way. Everything was to the 9 perfect down to the very last rose petal. I believe that anyone with sense and half a brain would look no further once they found Ciao Bella Events. For any type of planning, for it was the decision that made my one day. I felt like I was as a princess and was able to focus on what was really important and they absolutely took care of EVERYTHING else. So if your getting married or are looking for help, take my advice and look no further. It was the best day of my life and I would chose to work with them again. I still can’t believe how seamless and easy they made it look although a ton of their time and effort went into it. And we appreciated every single detail. Seriously ladies and guys this is who you want to work with. They know what their doing so let them do it. 5 stars from us. 6 if they had it.

Maggie & Glenn