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Wedding Tipping Etiquette. We have put together a helpful Tipping Guide to assist you when it comes to tipping your vendors. Our Brides + Grooms always ask us “what’s the best way to tip our vendors.” Most of the time our clients will give us a bunch of envelopes with each vendors name on it for us to distribute at the end of the evening. Sometimes they give us a credit card and ask for us to run it use it to tip the vendors for them. If that’s the case, we run the credit card for their specific amount and we transfer it to cash and do their envelopes for them. Either way we always make sure everyone is tipped accordingly so they don’t have to worry about doing it themselves. A rare few, do it on their own. But the Bride and Groom usually always ask us to do it for them so they don’t misplace their envelopes full of tipping money. Please feel free to use our tipping guide for your Wedding Day! It’s super helping when it comes to knowing how much to tip each person or vendor.

Ciao Bella Wedding Planning Tipping Ettiquette

The Ciao Bella Babes have curated the perfect Wedding day for you! All inclusive Elopements + Mini Weddings. We have teamed up with the best and top notch vendors in OC to deliver you the most memorable day! All you have to do is show up!

Elopements & Mini-Weddings


Looking for The Ultimate Wedding 12 month Checklist??? Look no further. We have put together a checklist just for you! And yes IT’S FREE! You know why because we believe in helping you! With that being said if there is anything you need help with along they way please don’t hesitate to ask. The Ciao Bella Babes are here at your service. Please feel to reach out at anytime via email or by phone. Info@CiaoBellaWeddingPlanning.com or 949-514-1651.

CBWP 12 Month Checklist

Book a stress-free CBWP All Inclusive Package today! Download our Inquiry Form here! Happy Planning!

CBWP Inquiry Form

Download your very own, FREE Ciao Bella Wedding Q & A Form. This form is what you will need to bring to your scheduled appointment. Please hand it to your Creative Designer or Personal Planner and they will go over it with you. 

CBWP Questionnaire 

Once you finish filling out The CBWP Q & A and Inquiry Form Page, please email it to us at the email address below, click the link —-and one of our Professional Planners will look it over, and get back to you and their earliest convenience. Usually within 24-48 hours. Thanks and again Congratulations, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, why not make it exceptional!


Download our Personal Vendor Checklist Template to keep you organized! It’s FREE. Click on the link below to download now …

Download our Floral Details Template / Cheat Sheet to make your florist happy with you! We have the Ultimate Floral Checklist & Guide, made with you in mind. Go Check it out, fill it out, and send it to your florist. You can thank us later.

Planned to Perfection. Thank you for choosing Ciao Bella for your Wedding or Event Planning needs.